Edward Straiter Sr  

 Master Sergeant (U.S.Army-Vietnam War Veteran (Retired) 25th Infantry Division

​We impart future solutions to one of the Worlds Big Problems!
Global Money Solutions!
                                                 ABSOLUTELY NO FRONT FEES FOR ANY REASON!!!                                                                                                                                                             A new era of large-scale project construction has begun.

(We can also provide Intermediary Services For Professional Clients.)

Our key areas of focus right now are:      (GLOBAL)

- Commercial Real Estate 

-Large Commercial Real Estate Development

- Ground-Up Construction including Mezzanine, Preferred, Joint Venture and 100% Loan To Cost 

- Hospitality and Hotel Loans - Acquisition, Refinance and Construction Loans;, including in-ground 

- Project Funding - Infrastructure , Energy Financing. Telecomunications, Transportation, Waste
Facilities, Leisure and Entertainment Center, 

- Joint Venture involving Real Estate

- Asset-Based Loans, including 
in-ground assets

- Sec 144 Bond or Equity Financing & Monetization Financing

- 100% Loan -To- Cost Programs

- Corporate Expansion Programs

- Hard Money 

- Working Capital 

- Commercial Bridge Loans

Preferred Project Types

- Real Estate Development Projects

- Construction Projects Residential, Mixed-use, Condos, Resorts , Hotels, Hospitality, Apartment
Buildings, Shopping malls, Business Center, etc

- Housing/ Student Housing - University/ College Projects

- Assisted Living & Medical Facilities

- Waste Management Projects / Treatment Facilities

- Infrastructure and Energy Financiing Resorts, Casinos, Villas, Beach Access.Recreation Centers, Theme & Amusement Parks